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SEO - no idea?!

This article is an introduction to SEO and things you should think about for doing it yourself and equally for getting others to do it for you. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and is about aiding your organic search when someone is looking for something online. In the world of digital marketing this is big business and an expensive one, but you can make a start.

The principle behind SEO is having keywords to do with a search and today it is even more specific, it is about someone typing in a question and finding a page that answers that query quickly and more times than not actually answering it. Google spend millions of pounds to get this right for the user for both organic searches and for paid searches, because Google makes money that way and enhances the user experience.

For any website there are tools to use for SEO, either tools already within the web builder or plugins that you can use. Many would argue that you need to know everything about SEO and hire an expert, yes this is true and here at iPlus we do this for customers, but in many cases, you can still do some yourself and become search savvy in the words that you use. Sadly, with SEO it is not about using the right grammar, it is about using the right words for searches.

Let’s show you an example of SEO in action:

The search is - Hydraulic Fluid for a Tractor:

You can see from the example that even when you type then Google is trying to assist before even presenting a page.

Once you click on it you then get a Google page including adverts at the top.

The page shows the ads, then a description usually taken from a website known for authority on the subject, then videos usually You Tube (Google owns You Tube), then search results.

Let's take a look at a result.

You will see three results on the first page, these are organic searches, not paid for. The first is Valvoline, the second Amazon and the third is Tractor supply. Valvoline is likely to be high as they are a big company but will also be heavily rich in oil words and hydraulic words, plus a good number of reference pages. The same can be said for Amazon, as Amazon has grown then so has their keywords and offering, again leading to a high ranking due to so many successful search pages. Tractor supply will appear high because they are truly specific to tractor oil supplies.

You will see the SEO descriptions, and these are key to clicks and engagement. You will see these in Blue and have the words the search asked for i.e. Tractor, Hydraulic and Fluid shown without. You will also see them in the description.

SEO is not just about the description it is also about the page keywords too, so the Tractor Supply page is full of the right words and so is the page description.

This quick article is not just about SEO for the big boys, but just an introduction with a few thoughts and pointers. Check out your website and check out your SEO on all your web pages, there are easy changes that can be made.