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Building your social media network

The ultimate goal for creating a social media network is to create a community of both likeminded people and potential leads – authentically bridging online relationships into real life.

In order to succeed with this, you must show that you bring something of value to your audience. This can be achieved in a huge variety of ways…

Utilising profile features:

Regardless of which platform you’re using, it is essential to optimise the features already given to you. This will make it easier for potential followers to understand what you do and decide whether or not to become part of your network.

Complete profiles also tend to be pushed further by the platform’s algorithm, meaning your content will reach further than just your follower count.

Grow organically:

Buying likes and followers might seem like a good advantage to your brand in the beginning. However, more often than not, people can recognise this and be put off. This method will not increase your sales and leads but will make your account seem like a bot within the algorithm, making it more difficult to gain valuable traction in the long run.

Try and spend some time manually following both similar creators and potential leads to create an organic and genuine profile that will get a higher engagement rate overall.

Review analytics:

Utilising the insights available on each platform will give you a better idea of how your audience interacts with your content and where the best performing posts lie. This will encourage you to create more of the posts that you AND your audience enjoy.

There are so many available insights that it is easy to become overwhelmed. Try and stick to collecting data that is relevant to the growth of your brand. These figures will usually consist of engagement rates, new followers and page/profile visitors.

Staying relevant:

Creating content that is relevant to real world situations that may be affecting your industry, client or general audience will be far more beneficial and valuable than generic content. Engagement on great content holds far more worth than a catchy slogan or a pretty feed (although those things can help!). In the words of CSO Phil Coley, “Posts are useless if you don`t have an audience to look at them”.

Have organic conversations with people in your industry:

Opening up dialogue between yourself and your audience is a fantastic way to learn more about your industry and the people in it.

A successful network is made up of great people offering valuable talents, make sure you’re one of them!

This can be done is such a variety of different ways. Some brands love to partner with influencers to show off their products and services to a new audience, some prefer to attend networking events. As long as you’re having conversations, it doesn’t matter how you’re doing it!

A little help from iPlus…

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