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Why video now is far more about engagement

Video in B2B marketing terms has historically been about promotional video and budgets have been for a couple of corporate type videos a year, many to coincide with a conference or the exhibition circuits. Today video is so much more, not just more cost effective, but consumed in so many different ways.

Video content can be shot on an iPhone with quality far better than a digital camera, so the opportunity to capture engaging B2B content has never been easier, but you still need to know what you are doing and how to use it. It has been shown through a number of research surveys that video sees engagement of x7 or even x10 more than traditional image or word content.

Of all the video content produced across the world over 50% of all videos are no watch on a mobile device, in 2020 internet video content accounted for over 80% of consumer online activity. The average video play length has gone from over 4 minutes in 2016 to under 2 minutes in 2020. Those watching a video are likely to retain the information within it over 70% more than written content.

iPlus have been using video for customers for over 7 years now as part of a customer’s sales and marketing strategy. The use of video includes landing page content, product explanations, blog articles just like this one, case studies, customer interviews, live events and educational pieces. Video is here to stay and with the advent of even more on demand video streaming then You Tube will not only be the domain of consumer videos, but very much the domain of B2B video.

The role of professional video and film making is ever changing, the customer can now add to the mix. Here at iPlus we produce stunning video content for our customers with our own in-house team filming content through to editing our very own customers video content and making it fit for purpose, this leads to capturing adhoc reactive and engaging content along with planned shoots.

If you are thinking about video for your business look at what you are trying to tell a customer or a prospect, how easier could you tell a story through video?

Video done right is the most powerful marketing tool that you have, but remember that video done bad will create the wrong impression for your business and be damaging to your reputation.