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Creating the perfect post

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Have you ever wondered why an advert in print works so well or why a social media post gets more views? The answer is simple and actually stems back to the 1950`s in America!

When newspapers began to sell advertising to supplement the cost of the newspaper along with a cover price. In the 1980`s and 90`s companies spent thousands of pounds on print advertising and the battle was to be seen. A newspaper advertising concept that emerged through that time was AIDA which is Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.

The AIDA principle can now be successfully applied to social media posts as well as print adverts. There seems to be many different views on social media post engagement and actually the way that adverts work has not changed in terms of human engagement and let’s be honest a post is an advert! People may disagree and there is this theory and that theory, but if you can’t get someone`s attention then the post or advert is a waste of time regardless of how good it looks.

Here is a great advert from the 1950`s...

On the advert you can see the Attention = Cheeseburger, Interest = 19c (cost), Desire = FRESH beef and KRAFT Cheddar and Action = Address. The advert also had a great use of black and white, so the black image on the left side.

Now let’s look at the components of a really strong advert...

Attention – Headline or Image

Interest – Image

Desire – Image and Words

Action – Call to Action website, weblink or telephone number

Head to our showcase page to see some of our social media post examples, and for any of your creative needs get in touch with out media department.