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The History of Sweets

Welcome to iPlus Group's new series featuring the history behind all of your favourite sweets!


The word ‘marshmallow’ comes from the mallow plant species found largely in marshes across Europe, Asia and North Africa. There is little knowledge as to why these plants were originally used for making sweet treats. However, the history of the marshmallow as a medicinal product dates all the way back to ancient Egyptians!

The root of the mallow plant was used to soothe sore throats and coughs. This would have been done by boiling the pulp of the root and combining with honey to serve its intended purpose.

The next leap in the recipe development for marshmallows wasn’t until the mid-1800s in France. Owners of small sweet shops began to whip the sap from mallow roots with sugar, water and egg whites. The mixture was then dried and sold in a lozenge form.

By the 1900s, due to the starch mogul system, marshmallows were developed into gelatinous sweets and introduced to the United States for mass consumption. It wasn’t long before the marshmallow recipe was used for a variety of new sweets including banana fluff, mallow sponge and Tutti Frutti!

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