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Get your telephone voice ready

Selling on the telephone is a science and one of the ley components is your voice. The phrase ‘first impressions’ is so true in sales and first impressions are made up of three things, the visual appearance, how you sound and the words you use. In using the telephone the largest component is missing, so how do you make up for this?

How many times have you spoken to someone on the phone and then met them after that and there are nothing like you imagined? The voice is your main tool on the phone and here are 6 components for you to think about when you use the telephone for sales. Over the last 30 years I have worked to train these 6 components for anyone selling in the phone.

The 6 components are Pitch, Pace, Protection, Energy, Volume and Articulation. Lets look in brief how to use these for better telephone sales calls. Remember that these 6 components are designed to create the professional impression.


Pitch is the pitch of your voice. It is hard to change the pitch of your voice but other elements within PPPEVA can impact this. The telephone can change the pitch upwards, so for those with a high pitched voice then gets higher. Women naturally have a higher pitched voice to men and as such women need to be able to control the higher pitch. A high pitched, squeaky voice speaking at speed does not reflect a professional approach.


Pace is the speed that you speak at and can impact you hugely. Speaking at a fast pace can increase your pitch and with this the impression is less than professional. An increase in pitch and pace is a recipe for disaster. Decreasing in pace leads to a reduction in pitch and as such gives a more professional impression. Pace also influences articulation.


Projection must not be confused with volume. Projection is projecting your voice, coming deep from inside your tummy you will project your voice. Projection is founded on your pitch and pace, the ability to throw your voice outwards.


Energy is about passion and it is very obvious on a phone call if a person is passionate and has energy. Energy gives a person confidence and that the person speaking believes in what they are selling. A downside of energy is controlling pitch and pace. Always have energy in your call structure.


Volume is how loud you sound and as such people don’t want you whispering or shouting, but they do need to hear you. The key with volume is speaking at your normal volume, unless you shout! Volume is impacted by pitch, pace, projection and energy.


Articulation is the pronouncing of the words you use. You need to chose the words you use carefully, but most of all make sure the words regarding your product or service you need to pronounce correctly. “the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain” is a common phrase people use to show articulation, with this phrase you need to articulate the words, as such your pace, pitch and projection.