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How to boost your personal brand

Here at iPlus Group, we pride ourselves on the ability to create, curate, build and manage personal brands for Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders and Client Facing Teams.

As a personal brand consultant, we believe that great branding is one of the biggest keys to success. In today’s competitive environment, boosting your personal branding can be the leading factor in what sets you apart from other companies!

So, what is it?

Personal Branding is a service that allows you, as a business owner, to hand over the reins of your social media platforms to an experienced and dedicated Account Manager who will oversee the posting, comments and engagement from your perspective and with your brand’s vision in mind. This personal brand consultant takes the time to learn your business, and yourself in order to convey messages on your personal brand in a genuine manner.

Your personal brand comprises of any unique skills that set you apart from others. It aims to demonstrate your name, tone and reputation in a way that best serves both yourself and your business.

How does personal branding work?

In order to create a personal brand, it is important to first consider your company goals, voice and USPs. These can then be portrayed in an authentic fashion through your personal page to work their way through your network.

The ultimate goal is to build a solid reputation as an individual who acts as the driving force for your business. Social media has been at the forefront of networking since the onset of the pandemic and can be used as a more personal way to connect with potential leads.

We believe the secret to having a successful personal brand is consistency. Establishing a solid reputation takes time, effort and dedication. iPlus Group are a team well versed in the art of expanding a network, and boosting a personal brand authentically and without coming across as just another salesperson. We have extensive experience in LinkedIn personal branding, and strongly believe that this service can greatly improve your sales leads.

Is personal branding worth it?

The short answer is yes. Personal branding is a valuable tool that impacts how you’re perceived in the marketplace and creates trust between yourself and your network. It allows for more opportunities within your business and introduces you to more potential leads.

The stronger your personal brand becomes, the more influential you will become within your industry.