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iPlus' 10 Year Anniversary 2022

Here at iPlus Group, we take pride in spending the few remaining weeks of the year reflecting on our triumphs and accomplishments. It is so important to keep perspective of how far you’ve come and to not always get lost in the exciting things to come. And although iPlus has lots of great milestones heading our way, we want to spend some time taking you on a journey of how far we’ve already been…

2022 marks the ten-year anniversary of our incredible company. We’ve had our ups and downs just like everybody else, especially having to adapt to the pandemic. Although this was foreign to us all in the beginning, hosting online meetings has actually proved beneficial as our growing team have ended up spreading further and further afield!

In the spirit of reflection, lets take a quick look back into the year iPlus came to be.

2012 was host to many exciting events. Some of which are stand out memories for all of us, others may be slightly more obscure.

The first major event from 2012 was, of course, the London Olympics! Britain took centre stage to be the hosts of the Olympic Games for the first time in 64 years. The epic opening ceremony featured a heart-warming tribute to the NHS, as well as appearances from the Queen, who faked jumping out of a helicopter with James Bond, and more famous faces including Rowan Atkinson and JK Rowling.

The Queen also celebrated her Diamond Jubilee in February of 2012. Marking exactly sixty years to the day of when she took the throne back in 1952! Leading up to this, Buckingham Palace planned a five-month ‘Four Corners’ tour for her majesty and the Duke of Edinburgh over the year whilst other members of the royal family toured the rest of the commonwealth as her representatives.

2012 was also the year that marked the end of the Mayan Calendar! As you probably remember, this was a popular topic in the media for the duration of the year as many believed the end of this calendar was a marker for the end of the world!

Barack Obama was re-elected as President of the United States this year against defending Republican Mitt Romney. The spacecraft Curiosity also successfully landed on Mars and Facebook announced it’s one BILLION active users!

Starting a business in such a significant year will always remain important to us and to our identity. We are so grateful to everyone who has joined us on our journey so far and for everything that’s yet to come. Here’s to 2022 and ten years of iPlus!