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Is LinkedIn the future for B2B lead generation?

When you look at social media there is only one platform for businesses to really focus on for B2B and that is LinkedIn, but it is ideally suited for B2C as well. LinkedIn is widely used for connecting within a business setting, for building a network, for sharing information, for job searches and prospecting. I firmly believe that LinkedIn is the most under-utilised business lead generation tool on the market!

The reason I say that LinkedIn is underutilised, is because only a fraction of people are using it correctly. When I say a fraction, I mean less than 0.5% of all registered users on LinkedIn are using it on a weekly basis, although around 42% are active at least once a month. If you think that only 0.5% are actively weekly, then what is the figure daily?

Let’s look at why LinkedIn is the future? The last 18 months have seen even more people work from home, forced or otherwise and the trend for homeworking will continue going forward. The working from home has made it even harder to get hold of people through traditional prospecting methods such as telemarketing. The upside is that it is actually easier to find your decision maker than ever before, as LinkedIn is the perfect “telephone” directory of who’s who in a company or a sector you are targeting.

LinkedIn will continue to grow, and many companies are encouraging staff to be on LinkedIn and many individuals are already on LinkedIn or seeing being on LinkedIn as a good thing for business, for recruitment and much more. So, from a business perspective to increase brand awareness, target prospects and build a network then there is only LinkedIn, and you must be using it. If you are not on LinkedIn, then you need to ask yourself why, because today`s business is all about brand and no more so than your own personal brand.

Like it or not personal branding has been around since the beginning of time, only now it is a “thing” and suddenly a buzz phrase. People have always purchased from people, from dating and finding your right partner through to sales in business, yes there is an argument you need to have the right product and commercials but given the choice between choosing one supplier over another it is usually a person thing. LinkedIn is now the future.

Here are 5 things you should be doing on LinkedIn right now.

1. Have a clear and concise profile, including headline, professional image and header image,

plus a personal URL.

2. Be active at least twice a day on LinkedIn, even if just two lots of 10 minutes.

3. Post consistently, even if it is just once a week, but at the same time.

4. Like and share people`s posts, it is nice to do that.

5. Never send a selling first message when trying to connect with someone.

BONUS one last tip, treat LinkedIn like a dating game, you need to build a relationship through time, through conversation and through trust.

If you do nothing else, get your profile looking right and begin to be more active as LinkedIn is here to stay.