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The History of Sweets

We love this sweet feature, and this week we are bringing you one of the Christmas family favourites. It's rare you make it through the month of December without a box of Quality Streets making an appearance, and if you ask us 2 boxes is the recommend amount!

This week: Quality Street 🍬

Let's take a trip down the Quality Street..

A truly British sweet that was first launched in 1936, in Halifax. Fast forward 85 years and they are still in West Yorkshire producing those magical chocolates in the very same factory.

The tin may have changed over the years, the smell of a freshly opened tin remains the same! Let's look at the play-by-play..

How the tin came about has an interesting back story. Starting back in 1890 John and Violet Mackintosh set up a sweet shop, and after the huge success of his toffee's, John, or more commonly known 'The Toffee King, set up the first toffee factory. Then 1936 saw the first tin produced containing 11 chocolates and 7 of the famous toffees. Business slowed a little during the war, but by the 1950s business was booming and the first Quality Street TV advert was produced with the tagline "No one ever says no to Mackintosh's Quality Street."

By the 1960's, after a merge with Rowntrees, production increase to include something for everyone, even giving us some of the favourites we know today. In the 1990s the brand launched a Christmas advert, which in turn made Christmas and Quality Street synonymous!

Jump to 2020, and you can now head online and purchase your very own personalised tin to share this Christmas.

Today, the tins contain a variety of delicious chocolates including ‘The Purple One’, ‘Orange Creme’ and ‘Strawberry Delight’! Which one is your favourite?!