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The History of Sweets

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Welcome back to week 2 of iPlus Group's new feature! Discover the history behind some of the iconic sweets and treats of the last 100 years!

THIS WEEK: Skittles 🍬

Skittles are small, round sweets that come in a variety of colours and flavours. They first came out in Britain in 1974 before being commercialised in the US in 1979. The original flavours of Skittles were strawberry, orange, lemon, grape and lime but have now been expanded into different lines such as Tropical and Wild Berry. They have also released a colourless line for Pride!

The name ‘Skittles’ was originally given due to the sweet’s similarity to the ball used in the British game “skittles”. The game is close of bowling: one has to throw a wooden or rubber sphere at 9 pins. It used to be played in England, Scotland, Wales and various European nations. The sphere is called “skittle”. Many believe that the name came from here, but there is no firm evidence of the same!

Online marketing for Skittles began in 2009 with the hope of engaging with new consumers through social media. This had huge success for the company, who went on to create the business website and have had an impressive following on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube ever since. Another marketing plan which had excellent results was adjusting the ingredients to make them appropriate for vegans and vegetarians so the all inclusive sweet is now suitable for all.

The list of flavours, specialities and variations is endless, including Skittle Ice-Cream, Chilli Berry flavour, Mint Skittles, Dessert edition Skittles and many many more!